Emelie Forsberg is ready for the last part of the ski mountaineering season. After achieving an excellent second place in Pierra Menta Emelie travelled to Sweden to conduct a ski mountaineering training camp.Emelie ForsbergAs she explained: “In this training camp we gathered  both skiers that want to compete in the national team but also young skiers who want to improve their level. It was really nice to meet everyone and train together and see the improvement. I’m very proud to be able to help grow this sport in Sweden”.

Being back in the Alps Emelie Forsberg is ready to participate in the Mondolé Ski Alp (Italy) this weekend: “I feel very good after Pierra Menta and I’m so excited for the last races, it’s always a pleasure when the season begins to end”, explains Emelie Forsberg.

The race will be the last stage of the Ski Mountaineering World Cup race and will be held in Prato Nevoso, Italy. Emelie will take part in the three races: Vertical, Individual and Sprint.The competition will start on Friday with the Vertical race. which will consist in a 500m positive ascent in a 2km track. The following day, Forsberg will compete again to contest the individual race. This time, the participations will cover 14.5km with nearly 1.650m of positive ascent. On Sunday, and the last day, Forsberg will compete in the sprint race.

“I like to take part in different races because I like the contrast. However it is clear to me that the individual is the race which is most “pure” ski mountaineering”, added Forsberg.

Emelie Forsberg will try to keep the good results achieved during the other stages of the World Cup. For the moment she is ranked 4th in the overall ranking but with a little difference with her competitors. We will have to wait until this last individual races to see how the final ranking will be defined.

Emelie Forsberg: http://www.emelieforsberg.com/