Emelie Forsberg is unstoppable and continues adding titles in her career. This weekend, the athlete has been proclaimed European champion in Ultra Skyrunning after winning the Ice Trail Tarentaise in Val d’Isere (France), with a time of 9 hours and 17 minutes.Emelie ForsbergWhat a week! Mount Marathon and now European champion in ultra-distance Skyrunning! I’m really happy. I climbed summits and glacier and ran on beautiful trails. Thank you everyone standing along the course talking to me and cheering me on”, said Forsberg after the race.

Tha race took place on Sunday, 12th July, amid a fantastic atmphosfhere. The Ice Trail Tarentaise is a 65 km course with 5.000 with five peaks at 3.000m altitude. The athletes passed over Grande Motte 3653m, Col Fresse 2576m, Charvet 2400m, Col de la Rocheure 2911m, Col Fours 2976m, Col Pers 3009m, Aiguille Pers 3386m, Col de l’Iseran 3700m and then through the Tunnel Lessières 3000m before a fast descent to the finish line.

Forsberg was leading from the beginning and after 9 hours and 17 minutes she crossed the finish line of a very technical and hard race that requires good physical preparation mainly to adverse weather conditions.

“The conditions was harder than previous year, less snow to glide down on and also the heat, it was so warm! I wanted to break my old record but half way I saw it wasn’t possible, but in the finish I was only 5 minutes after! I was leading from the beginning, but didn´t have the best sensations, I think because I have not been doing any longer runs because June I was focused on mount marathon”, explained Forsberg. 

As from now, Emelie Forsberg will start preparing the next challenges of the season.


1 – Emelie Forsberg: 9:17:21
2 – Magdalena Laczak: 9:30:37
3 – Anna Strakova: 9:48:46


Emelie Forsberg: http://www.emelieforsberg.com/

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